About our treatments Cosmetic Couture

At Cosmetic Couture training centre we offer a range of treatments that are available to you at a discounted price. All treatments are supervised by professional aestheticians and medics but performed by our elite students.

We have never had one complaint filed about any procedure in the history of our centre and this is something that we pride ourselves on massively. All students have been thoroughly and professional trained before they are allowed to undertake treatments. The majority of them have gone on to do great things within the beauty industry and this a true reflection on the work we put into providing these students with a pathway to success.

The treatments that we offer are Lip Enhancement, Kontoured Cheeks, Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Lines, B-Tox, Tear Troughs, Dermaplaning, Cannula, Sclerotherapy, Plasma Blast, Chin Augmentation and Nytox Vampire Treatment®.

Please note, due to the clinical nature of Cosmetic Couture we have a strict no children policy. If you bring children with you to your appointment you may be refused entry. For full terms and conditions, see here.