Level 5 – NYTOX® with PRP

Level 5 – NYTOX® with PRP

Nytox® is an exclusive treatment for natural facelifts using autologous platelets and nytox® serum. The purpose of the course is to enable aesthetic practitioners to be able to deliver derma roller treatments to the faces and bodies of their clients.
More advanced students will also learn the techniques to administer PRP injections to assist healing in clients’ problem areas**.

To achieve this you will learn the anatomy and physiology of the skin and face and the causes and signs of ageing. As the platelet rich plasma is extracted from clients you will need to understand the structure of blood, the structure and uses of platelet cells and phlebotomy. As with any treatment the essential health and hygiene elements will be taught along with client care for pre and post treatment, including legal documentation for insurance purposes.This will underpin all practical training facilitated at the Cosmetic Couture clinic and will result in fully accredited CPD certification.

Course Length

Course length: 35 hours of self guided study prior to 35 hours of practical training. All aspects of the course are mandatory.

*To meet the minimum requirement for enrollment, students must have completed the equivalent of NVQ level 3 beauty therapy or be a suitable healthcare practitioner such as a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse.

**Aesthetic practitioners with 1 year of experience with injection techniques will progress to PRP injection training. Please discuss with your tutor/course coordinator.

Course Theory Components

  • Anatomical structure of the skin and face
  • Troubleshooting derma roller treatments
  • Understanding blood
  • Pre and post treatment protocols
  • Pain management protocols
  • Health and hygiene systems
  • Needle stick injuries
  • First aid and anaphylaxis
  • Phlebotomy
  • Injection techniques
  • Marketing

Course Practical Components

  • Client consultation protocols (Medical history, client consent)
  • Managing expectations and complaints procedure
  • Hygiene sharps disposal and legal aspects
  • Phlebotomy
  • Practice of derma rolling techniques using live models

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