Have a complaint? This is how to deal with it

At Cosmetic Couture we value and respect all of our clients whether they be aesthetic trainees or the models who agree to assist us in providing the best competence based training for them. In line with the Department of Health Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Procedures (2013), we strictly adhere to the standards for High Quality Care, Ensuring Safe Products are used and that the public who choose to make use of our services are Informed and Empowered. As such we have a fully transparent and accessible complaints policy and procedure for all service users to follow which will address any dissatisfaction which may arise.

1. Reporting a Complaint

We ask that all complaints come directly to us at Cosmetic Couture so that they can be dealt with professionally, discreetly and confidentially. Although it is tempting to turn to social media for opinions of others and immediate vindication, we feel that for expert advice on how to resolve your complaint it would best serve you to contact our office directly in the ways listed below giving the information required.

Call the administration office: 0161 848 7146 / 0161 832 3236
Write to: Paragon House, Michigan Avenue, Salford Quays. Salford, Greater Manchester, M502GY.
Complete the online complaints procedure on our website
Please include the following:

Your name
The date of your service of which you a dissatisfied
The name of the person you provided the service to you
The nature of the service you received (aesthetic training or cosmetic treatment)
Your Statement of Dissatisfaction
Your preferred method of communication
Contact details so that we may respond to you quickly and efficiently.

2. How we will respond

Initially your complaint will be acknowledged by our office staff (or by an automatically generated email if you choose to follow our online complaints procedure)
You will be contacted by a member of the team to clarify your grievance and who will then attempt to rectify the problem you have disclosed
In the event that you are still dissatisfied, all complaints will be addressed to the Director, Maxine McCarthy, in order for you to discuss the incident of dissatisfaction directly with her. We aim to complete this stage of the complaint within 7 days of your initial communication with us and ask you to follow this step of the procedure in any of the three ways listed below:
By scheduled telephone call (this will be recorded as proof of disclosure and advice given)
By scheduled face to face meeting (a third party will attend and record the meeting impartially)
By written correspondence using either email or post
The Director will investigate the situation, both the people concerned and the procedure undertaken and write a formal response to you within 14 days. This will include a an offer of redress if an employee of Cosmetic Couture is found to be culpable for your dissatisfaction
If your complaint is of a medical nature and you feel you need to communicate with a doctor who understands the cosmetic procedure you have received, you have the right to request a meeting with an affiliated prescribing doctor.

3. Further resolution and redress opportunities

For very serious complaints where legal redress is required, please have your solicitor contact the Director, Maxine McCarthy, immediately to have the matter resolved in a lawful and beneficial manner*. In this instance is it very strongly advised that you keep the matter confidential as this will be more advantageous to you in the long term.*All of our aesthetic practitioners and trainees are fully insured, and as yet, there have been no claims made against them.
The ultimate stage of any serious complaint should be addressed to the Parliamentary and HealthService Ombudsman (PHSO)

At Cosmetic Couture we are committed to:
– respond quickly to any statement of dissatisfaction
– listen to you with understanding and open-mindedness
– provide you with copies of your client consent and original medical history form
– help you to feel at ease and empower you to resolve the situation
– be professional in all our communication with you to isolate the situation and not expand it – take responsibility for your complaint as a valued service user
– assist you to resolve your problem in a suitable manner

Please be assured that we at Cosmetic Couture are committed to raising and maintaining standards for the provision of aesthetic treatments and will treat your complaint personally and professionally to ensure your future satisfaction.

Maxine McCarthy, Director

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