Cosmetic Couture Accreditations

Our accreditation means the world to us. We pride ourselves on having modern facilities and an open, friendly and welcoming atmosphere for our staff, students and their clients which we provide to ensure that practiced based learning is achieved.

Our course accreditation has been been sought and approved adhering to the qualification requirements as defined by Health Education England (NHS December 2014 :P8)

“The aims of any training and education programmes delivered to meet the HEE qualification requirements should be to prepare practitioners to provide high standards of proficient patient/client-centred care and deliver cosmetic interventions safely and appropriately, adhering to the principles of ‘do no harm’ and promoting public health at all times, with skills and proficiency underpinned by person-centeredness and appropriate theoretical knowledge.”

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With this in mind Cosmetic Couture has designed and implemented bespoke aesthetic training courses to suit the needs of students and professionals in the industry (ibid:p22)

“Training should be competence-based not time-based, and should include supervised practice as well as theoretical and practice-based assessment. Outcome assessments should be proficiency and competence based. It is important that practice-based learning is integral to the programme so that the student is provided with the opportunity to observe and practice delivery of the relevant treatments.”

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