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"We believe that if you are passionate about something, you should be able to achieve your goal, and this should come from the democracy of the public to choose. However, there is no compromise for public safety and this is why we offer independent inspection to BSI kite mark and modular training."

The Association of Registered Aesthetitians is known as the ARA. The ARA welcome professionals from both medical and non-medical backgrounds, the key directive is that you abide by the code of conduct and have full accreditation and insurance.

The ARA aim to allow all those who wish to train in this area to have an equal advantage, putting aside rivalries from any professions within the medical or aesthetic practitioner fields. Thus allowing for entry to be accepted on HIGH STANDARDS OF SAFETY, adhered to through rigorous and regular inspections which protect the public at all times.

All parties are enabled to train regardless of their professional background. All are required to adhere to the strict protocol and procedures and to have completed thorough training, ensuring that the ARA standards have been met which emphasises complete safety for the patient/client.


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The Guidelines

The ARA (formally the ACPB) was established to protect the public and to promote training to national occupational standards with independent inspection. Non-invasive cosmetic treatments are an aesthetic treatment and in the majority of cases are used for beautification.

Public safety first and foremost by monitoring, registered and independently inspecting all training providers. Pricing structure will be kept open and transparent to the public by rejecting any domination formed by one organisation. Register of prescriptions for botulinum for each bottle prescribed with a unique numbering system or each batch number of Dermal Filler to be included in this U.K. register. Patient/client register to match prescription number to client number. Transparency of treatment & customer service charter of “Excellence within the Aesthetics profession. Independent Inspectorate Crown Tick Approved with BSI kite mark – Annual inspections carried out by an independent in-spectrum company.

The ARA has the practitioner and public’s best interest and health & safety as priority at all times. We aim to promote professional high standards within the aesthetic field. The ARA endorses training establishments that follow our code of covenant and promote only protocols that deliver training that gives thorough theory and practical sessions. An annual inspectorate by an independent auditor ensures transparency to the public via a national register, which documents all treatments and prescription medicines used. The client’s ability to choose an aesthetic practitioner who trained within the medical industry or aesthetic industry is not compromised in safety when promoting professionals that have followed a thorough a training programmed by endorsed training providers within the aesthetics industry.

We welcome all those that wish to join ARA as a training provider to register. All training companies when endorsed by ARA will adhere to strict guidelines and protocols set out with transparency to promote the highest levels of training. All training companies will be inspected and monitored on an ongoing basis. Each training establishment endorsed will follow guidelines, which are set out by the appropriate governing bodies both within the medical arena and aesthetic practitioner industry. Our strength is equal opportunities for ALL in the aesthetics industry. The association membership is open to ALL professionals already trained who wish to be represented by an ethical ‘not for profit’ association.

Our aim is to bring together individuals who wish to unite the rights of both the aesthetics practitioner and the general public united by principles of equality.

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